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The development trend of furniture hardware accessories

Humanity in the 21st century, people more and more high to the requirement of material culture, household decoration pursuit individuation, and furniture is an indispensable important part of home decoration, and furniture hardware accessories plays a quite important role in furniture.Furniture quality depends on the style, material and using effect, and so on several aspects in the furniture has all kinds of decoration on the surface of the ornament, the effect that make the finishing point;Use depends on the functional hardware accessories, functional hardware and to a certain extent, determines the design of the furniture.
With the development of China's industrial technology progress, furniture production workshop, from manual development of mechanized mass production by now.Hardware accessories for versatility, interchangeability, functional, decorative have higher requirements.Diversification of the base material, structural reform and the increase of the use function, the role of the furniture hardware on furniture is no longer just decoration activity components and parts, its function is more and more strong, involved area is becoming more and more wide, to furniture manufacturing enterprises to improve production efficiency, reduce cost, improve the quality of the product, enhance the competitiveness of the domestic and foreign markets, regulations have played a positive role.
Development and the introduction of the function, design, update and improve on quality, also gives the constantly updated development of furniture design and function.Furniture hardware can be roughly divided into two major categories of decorative hardware and functional hardware, in today's highly industrialized production level, both under the guidance of  of industrial design, are gradually towards unification.
Furniture in order to improve the production efficiency, convenient production and design, to furniture hole processing standardization, seriation and generalization, which produced a series of 32 mm, to implement the standardization of furniture parts and strong interchangeability.
Domestic furniture hardware after the improvement and development of these years, the quality has been improved, in addition to a few high technical content of functional parts, other have reached international level of high quality furniture hardware.We might as well to review first, in recent years the domestic several typical of the development of the furniture hardware products.