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The cabinet basket of kitchen decorate strategy

Pull basket is one of the biggest bright spot inside ambry, it is stored inside the kitchen of the main items, and ensure the cabinet space to good use, it has a large storage space, and can be reasonably segmentation space, make various items and accessories "jobs", to maximize the value of use of space.

As is known to all, the must be something in the kitchen very much, boiler bowl gourd ladle dish, butter sauce vinegar etc. Mostly on the table, in addition to the cupboard, chopsticks rack and barrel pile in a block, appear very crowded.But in the modern kitchen, can appear clean and relaxed, played a important function mainly ambry, the ambry of classification of basket and played an important role.A fully functional play goal, like a multifunctional play goal, can have both tool socket, cruet frame, bowl chopsticks, etc., also has a configuration moisture meter box, basket, can be thoughtful.

Quantitative meters ricer box to pull basket: this is a very practical smoked pull ricer box, barrel body is metal, effective moisture;Gently press the top button, can flow quantitative rice, completely changed the traditional way of store take meter.The design of the thin layer draw also do not take upspace. 

In addition, there are all kinds of pull basket, we from their position and shape, probably can be divided into several categories.

Hearth pull basket: it generally in hearth bottom, this part is designed to pull the basket, deposit not commonly used pot pot, even if occasionally friends to sit guest also not hurry-scurry, and easy to access.

Second, the drawer pull basket: as the name implies, its shape is like a drawer, smoked pull the fetch.Pull basket inside the metal grid, can be placed cups, plates, etc.

Third, the dishes play goal: the goal of purpose is the main dishes are stored, some will be on the top of the wash basin, and here is a manger, so to prevent water droplets into the cupboard.Now more cabinet design, pull the basket of consolidation in the hearth pull basket.

Four, high damping pull basket: strongly chu na, smoked pull way of opening and closing;Multilayer separating basket, make food easily classified implantation, take take be clear at a glance.At the same time, the heavier load, the more smooth, even if is filled with food, can do it gently open, sad silence.The design of the high cabinet, air, atmosphere;Easy to adjust the basket body height, convenient different types of an item.

Five, the corner play goal.Ambry corner can't think of a waste of space, in order to put things, will use this Angle to pull basket, large volume to fetch more convenient.

1, the flying butterfly turn basket.Ingenious use of butterfly wings modelling, use the corner area, save space.Don't tumble objects flying saucers turn basket away corner cupboard door, have two beauty of the butterfly disc, light lively quietly slipped out, slow stop in front of that bring the enjoy the process of the item.Careful designers make the tray has the function of anti-slip, such things won't accidentally dropped in the slide.

2.Ambry corner position, the internal space is very difficult to put things.Only install wheel or scalable pull basket, to internal deep space fully use of it.Outside, popular now called a "large, medium and small " receive a basket.

Little corner blue, in the collection basket, can place something much bigger.

The in the blue corner, in ambry corner, gather together to set up a personality lift basket, can be placed inside a few small items.Personality fashion with taste.

Six, narrow pull basket.Tall lines, use the every bit of space.Here introduces two kinds of narrow, one is on the hearth side, some have no the vinegar and soy sauce and seasoning;One is, can be placed in the bottom of the pool, put some washing supplies, can reasonable use of pool below some irregular space.

Working in the side window play goal

Small pull basket under the sink

Each pull basket has the unique purpose, also has its own unique design and style.Can according to your requirement for the kitchen to select the appropriate play goal, let it bring to everybody's cabinet room more use value and bring more convenience and comfortable life.

In addition, love of fine ambry, intelligent and two points on the kitchen decorating tip:

1, cabinets, electrical pendulum method, microwave ovens, be sure to keep in mind not to put below the stoves, may result in unsafe.

2, the location of the pool as far as possible in the place with enough light, such as the window, it's easy to wash the dishes, wash bowl chopsticks.At the top of the condole top best installation again in order to shoot the lamp or tube light, convenient cleaning at night lighting.