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slide rail composition and useful

Slippery course structure, its gross is composed of a slide rail, a ball slide, a sliding plate and a place of components, the ball slide is slippery in slippery course on both sides of the internal and the sliding plate used on both sides of the ball bearing slide embedded in slippery course and can slip, wherein the sliding plate backend group is equipped with a guide groove of card production twists and turns;

The right component is composed of a base, a slider and spring, the base is set to slide a backend, it has a guide chute, the guide chute front end bending forming a certain department, set the slider sliding in the guide chute, and by the spring of the lot to make it a restoring force, to base the back-end bounce back base with elastic buffer block stop sliding plate and the ball bearing slide;

Whose character is: the spring, set way for a single group, its front end set in the slider, the back-end to bypass on the base of the convex set a circle tube, twists and turns again to hook a round convex tube side between the positioning of the hook;

The buffer, consists of the first and second buffer pills buffer, the first buffer is relatively in base on both sides of the middle position, is a set to bend the inverted U shape of the plate body, will end in place after the ball slide elastic damping;

The second piece is relatively in buffer base above between guide chute and the circular convex tube position, slide will pull back end card producer in place elastic damping.