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pull basket of maintenance

If ambry to satisfy all the fancy of the housewife in the kitchen, the ambry basket has solved the housewives receiving problem of POTS and pans.Ambry and pull basket - women in kitchen life two big magic weapon!Play goal has become a cupboard at the heart of the heart, so in daily life, how do we go to maintain the core?Make its service life is longer?Currently on the market of the common cabinet pulls basket to stainless steel pull the basket.The stainless steel pull the basket and how should maintain?
1, pull basket used to regular maintenance, cycle is generally three months and can be compared and strong decontamination ability of wax, besmear is on clean cotton cloth, the product surface thoroughly clean, can prolong the service life of it, so be careful not to surface scratch occur, avoid using liquid detergent containing bleaching compositions and abrasives, steel wire ball, grinding tools, etc., to get rid of washing liquid, at the end of the washing to flush the surface with clean water.

2, to keep the product appearance is bright and clean bright, regularly to clean, can timely clean through into the new, such as surface dust and easy to remove dirt, can use soap or warm water washing, weak detergent.Please do not contact with organic solution and corrosive chemicals, such as bleach, vinegar, and used in a gas environment with the above material, in order to avoid destruction of surface finish, can lead to product lose luster.

3, logo, sticker on the surface of the basket, with warm water, weak detergent to wash, binder composition, use of alcohol or organic solvent scrubbing (ether, benzene).Grease, oil, lubricating oil pollution, with a soft cloth to wipe clean, use neutral detergent or ammonia solution or use the detergent for cleaning.

4, product surface appear floating rust, available 10% nitric acid or abrasive detergent washing, also can use special washing washing.