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Kitchen utensils and high "intelligence" When will blossom wall inside the wall sweet?

With the development of intelligent technology, smart home life from the sitting room into the kitchen, composed of intelligent cabinets, intelligent kitchen electric smart kitchen just housewives do cooking place, more can be a place for sharing with my friends.However, under the merchant's widely publicised, intelligent kitchen utensils and appliances is still not form a "flower wall inside the wall sweet" good situation.

Make kitchenware "IQ" high tech kitchen items into the public view

Along with the social progress, the kitchen is also more science and technology, intelligent.So-called intelligent kitchen, add sense of science and technology, the key is to make the kitchen make kitchenware "IQ" high, its design considering the environmental protection, mute, move feeling, the entertainment, the color, emotion, and the development of lighting, intelligent management, and other fields.For example, you can adjust the air flow through the dialogue with lampblack machine;Can be used while cooking lampblack machine to music;Can even through the kitchen cooking difficult problems with the menu navigation system and so on.

Today, Chinese people has the original kitchen, share kitchen, alone in the kitchen, modern kitchen prototype, whole kitchen and the open kitchen and so on several stages.Along with the change of the kitchen, beautiful people are more willing to put the table is closely combined with intelligent kitchen, form the cooking repast space of open mode, create the visual perception of fashion is open.Took a fancy to the kitchen the huge market potential, many high-tech kitchen items into the public view, such as egg reminders, intelligent mixer, smart simmer pot, intelligent garbage can, bluetooth speakers, etc.

In addition to a single intelligent kitchenware products, more better intelligent kitchen also began to enter the country.Recently, an electric Kitchen green revolution conference was held, by creating ROKI intelligent Kitchen cooking (Kitchen, Intelligence) system.ROKI in the whole cooking process, the system will automatically adjust the kitchen burning gas temperature, lampblack machine, air volume and the cooking time, users have to do is according to the "navigation" cooking can make delicious food.

Consumers just look around Green road long kitchen popularity

Follow in the footsteps of intelligent era, many businesses are in the "open intelligent kitchen, lazy people fall in love with cooking", break into intelligent kitchen utensils and appliances market.But in fact, in the era of people for the future intelligent kitchen full of look forward to at the same time, continue to intelligent kitchen utensils and appliances play a question mark.

The author found in visited several cabinet shop, now a lot of the kitchen on intelligent "tag", but businesses and consumers to know some of the intelligent kitchen vague.Although knowledge of intelligent kitchen is not much, but the store's goods consumers still."As long as and" smart "two words get above price will be higher than many kitchen utensils and appliances, but smart just can listen to the song, let electrical automation?"Miss li prefer cooking, she felt the kitchen also should with practical give priority to, some can listening to intelligent home appliances can be tilted to the sitting room, "relatively, the sitting room is more suitable to treat the open space, leisure."

Companies have to promote the existing intelligent kitchen utensils and appliances, launch purchase intelligence lampblack machine, kitchen stove, disinfection cabinet, water heater is an oven, price is in 20000 yuan, even so the more expensive than ordinary kitchen utensils combination also ten thousand yuan.Interested in green kitchen revolution of Mr Huang thinks prices and technology is not the problem, the key is to change the user's habits, let a person willing to use.