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How to choose different styles of cabinet handles & custom handles?

With the continuous improvement of people's pursuit of home environment and aesthetic requirements, the handles of home cabinets are also paid more and more attention. 

Choosing the right home cabinet handle can not only beautify the home environment, but also increase the practicality and convenience of the cabinet. So, how to choose the handle of home cabinet? 

Veitophardware will introduce you in detail from classification, material, style, collocation principle, etc.

1. Classification of commonly used cabinet handles?

Divided by material: copper, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, plastic, wood, glass, leather, resin, etc.

According to the style: single-hole round type, single-strip type, double-head type, hidden type.

Divided by style: modern simplicity, Nordic light luxury, Chinese style, retro, European pastoral, these major categories.

Second, the characteristics of various material handles

2. All kinds of material handle characteristics?

Zinc alloy handle: Zinc alloy handle has the characteristics of high strength, durability and elegant texture. Zinc alloy material is the main material of most handles. Its good plasticity makes it possible to make handles in various forms. Moreover, the hardness of this material is strong in corrosion resistance, and it can be used for a long time without deformation, oxidation and fading. Because of the characteristics of zinc alloy, it can be well colored during electroplating, and it feels good and beautiful.

  Copper handle : The handle made of copper is first reflected in the high-end, because copper has better corrosion resistance and higher density, so it feels better in the hand, but the disadvantage is that it is more expensive.

Stainless steel handles: Stainless steel and iron handles are the most common types. Their advantages are oil resistance, but they don't look very delicate.

  Leather metal handle : The leather handle is generally made of leather for the pull bar, and the buttons are made of copper or zinc alloy and other metal materials. On some wardrobe drawers mainly made of leather, because of its soft material, it looks high-end and warm.

Wooden handles : Wooden handles are more suitable for matching with wooden furniture. Its color is natural and warm, and it has more rural and rural atmosphere.

3. According to different styles and usage scenarios, choose different cabinet handles?

Handle selection needs to refer to the overall decoration style.

For example, medieval and pastoral styles: wooden and ceramic handles can be used. Modern Style: Specially treated stainless steel handles are available.

Kitchen handles: The selection of handles in the kitchen position, because the kitchen has a lot of oil fumes due to cooking and cooking, so you should choose handles that are easy to clean, corrosion-resistant and durable, and made of aluminum alloy as raw materials.

Bathroom handles: In bathrooms and shower rooms, due to high humidity and high frequency of use, it is necessary to choose durable and corrosion-resistant handles. It is recommended to use ceramic or wood handles.

Wardrobe handles: The handles of the wardrobes and TV cabinets in the living room and bedroom emphasize their decorativeness, and you can choose exposed handles that are close to or completely opposite to the original decoration style

As a cabinet handle that has attracted much attention in modern home decoration, according to the space attributes and home style, choosing the right handle can get twice the result with half the effort, but if you want different styles of handles, the need for customization is essential. 

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