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Buy cabinet pull basket options

In ambry hardware, pull basket is particularly frequent use, and use effect of ambry has important influence, so we at the time of ambry of choose and buy pull basket to the overall quality of the special attention to it, the following veitop hardware to share the choose and buy of pull basket skills.

1, the wire basket

Wire thickness and surface quality directly determines the goal of the cost of materials, small manufacturer and low price products often cut corners in this aspect, often peripheral wire diameter difference (6 mm), inside the wire diameter is fine (usually only 2 to 3 mm) and less number of root, structure is simple.Discrimination method is very easy: right hand each carry a pull basket basket (excluding guide), light weight to cut corners.Additional wire surface quality can affect the subsequent plating, good quality wire rod surface without sand holes, pinhole, electroplating after uneven phenomenon.

2, see pull basket plating effect

Electroplating is the most important one annulus, pull basket quality due to the use of the kitchen environment more damp and some corrosion foods such as butter sauce vinegar, so the effect of electroplating to determine whether the pull basket with the capability of anticorrosion.

3, see the quality of pull basket guide

Good guide smoked pull effect is significantly different, quality is not qualified guide rail is easy to rust, smoked pull, easy to deformation after put heavy.Stainless steel chrome series adopt Taiwan locomotive guide rail, smooth, smooth, can be smoked pull 100000 times in a row.Corrosion resistant performance is strong, can be up to magnitude 8 24 hours of salt spray test.

4, see the appearance of the basket

Pull the appearance of the basket to be neat and not messy, show 90 degrees corners, edges framework to balance, material is arranged at the bottom of the uniform, surface coating, feel comfortable, no burr, no pitting.A friction with filar socks there won't be pull and hook;T is used in great quantities in the welding and jig, each production process strictly self-check mutual inspection, to ensure that the dimensions of the semi-finished products and finished products, neat degree and parallel degree to meet the design standards.

5, see pull basket of solder joints

Pull basket of solder joints is full, no empty welding, solder joint can not too big.Too ugly, and mostly empty welding, is not strong, should be slightly smaller than the size of the welding of two material itself.