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Bedroom furniture handles installation using general principles

Bedroom furniture handles installation using general principles

1, a set of furniture in general use only a handle (using the same type and length of different handles is also like this, such as non-standard handle, special-shaped aluminum handle).

2, a set of furniture in handles of lateral vertical pack will make unified (including the shape of the single-hole handles towards), but on the drawer panel, turn under the door, door to door handles uniform transverse loading.

3, door handles, which installed in the bottom door plank, the handles installation on top of door plank, cupboard door plate under high cupboard door plate of handles installation position should be convenient to use for the principle.

4, drawer panel, under the double doors, double doors, door plank of door of belt type accessories on the handles of generally content with the width of the door plank center, open the door handles generally installed on the side away from the installation hinge.

5, there are two kinds of the handles of drawer panel installation height, content with panels highly center or from the upper edge unified installation height.

6, the installation of handles of side hole is apart from the edge distance of 45 mm.

7, the surface model of the door (wooden doors) according to the facts when installation handles should be paid attention to the feasibility of handles installation.