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About the wrought iron art

Wrought iron art, has a long history, wrought iron material and the development of technology also has 2000 years of development process.As architectural decoration art, appeared in the 17th century baroque architectural style prevailing in the early period, has been accompanied by the development of European architectural decoration art, the traditional manual craft products, European craftsmen with the artistic style of of primitive simplicity, straightforward and glorious history.Traditionally, wrought iron can be applied in construction, household, garden decoration, in France, Britain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and other European countries decoration used very widely, from the royal to the residences, from garden to garden, from indoor stair to outdoor fence, forms and exquisite decoration everywhere.From the aspects of line, shape and color they are, with unique style and is representative of the British and French, wrought iron, and the two countries, wrought iron on the style, the overall image solemn, in the UK, wrought iron, line composition is simple and clear, and France, wrought iron is full of romantic and warm, elegant smell. If Britain, wrought iron like a handsome gentleman.

As an extension of the time river, now the iron as a highly fashionable and full of classic beauty to create material be used quite skillfully.Wrought iron masters with the modern's aesthetic and skills, melting of the world's oldest material, with their unique thinking will iron used to expand to a new level, made a brilliant deduction.

In recent years, with the development of the society, decorative art and decorative materials constantly updated, the adornment style of various art forms, fanpiaoguizhen trend become a new fashion, as the old, traditional art deco, wrought iron art, being a new content and life, and is widely used in building exterior decoration, interior decoration, furniture decoration, decoration and environment because of the characteristic is bright, style simple, economical and practical technology is simple, its place in the modern decoration.

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