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Quality control

1. Choice of the main raw materials:
Veitop keep the quality is the most important factor. Therefore we are extremely harsh to the raw material request, because we know only has the high standard of the material to be able to deliver the high quality furniture hardware fitting.

2. Precise machine working procedure:
(1) Board Cutting:furniture hardware&furniture fittings With the advanced automatic cutting machine and the high tonnage punch press, guaranteed the material cuts in the processsection neat, is smooth as well as size precise.
(2) Processing: Uses the large-scale precise numerical control lathe and the precision instrument lathe carries on the plane,the drill hole, attacks the tooth, milling flutes and so on the working procedure processing, the guarantee the good quality of semi-finished products.
(3) Polishing: Successively separately after the grinding wheel, the linen wheel, the cotton and kapok turn and the wind wheel polishes the procedure four to eight times, guarantees the product surface quality of material evenly, feel along slides. Moreover again matches to automatically polishes *** to improve efficiency and makes up the imperfect of manually polishing.
(4) Cleaning: To passes through strictly polishes after the furniture hardware to carry on the ultrasonic cleaning, the ultrasonic cleaning may helpful to cleaning the dust in the blind angle place completely.

3. Inspection:
Above all machine-finishing working procedure has all disposed the corresponding examination person, all strictly examines to each detail, send the unqualified to work over again even discard as useless, only has qualified product have been allowed to enter the next working procedure. 

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